Swedish epic power metallers SABATON have just unveiled exciting details on their upcoming new studio record “Carolus Rex” – that will actually be a two-in-one-album - through the following update: “We can now confirm that our new album will be available in both English and Swedish language. The topics of the songs will remain quite the same and deals with the Swedish Empire, from it’s rise to it’s fall. “Carolus Rex” will be available for purchase on single Swedish CD (Sweden only) and single English CD plus a limited edition which features a double CD with both language versions. The double CD will also feature a different cover artwork. The release is set for Europe and in North America the last week of May, but already now you can pre-order the album (click here: http://bit.ly/yNfscr ) . It’s produced by Peter Tägtgren who is also doing guest vocals on one song. During the recording of “Carolus Rex” we also recorded a song where Joakim sings in German, a cover of “Feuer Frei” by RAMMSTEIN. We are currently booking a huge tour and will present more countries in the upcoming days!” The track lists of the two versions read as follows: English version Dominium Maris Baltici The Lion From the North Gott Mit Uns A Lifetime of War 1648 The Carolean’s Prayer Carolus Rex Killing Ground Poltava Long Live the King Ruina Imperii Swedish version Dominium Maris Baltici Lejonet från Norden Gott Mit Uns En Livstid i Krig 1648 Karolinens bön Carolus Rex Ett Slag Färgat Rött Poltava Konungens Likfärd Ruina Imperii Moreover, SABATON have been confirmed as headliner of Polish “Woodstock” festival – the biggest open air festival in the world with 800.000 (!) visitors expected – that will take place in Kostrzyn from August 2nd to August 4th 2012 and will be entirely for free. 2012 belongs to SABATON – no doubt about it!