The new masterpiece of the Swedish Heavy Metal legion SABATON „Carolus Rex” is out now! “Carolus Rex” is the seventh SABATON studio album and boasts plenty of future metal anthems plus a sophisticated lyrical concept about the Swedish king Carl XII. „We can now confirm that our new album will be available in both English and Swedish language. The topics of the songs will remain quite the same and deals with the Swedish Empire, from it’s rise to it’s fall. “Carolus Rex” will be available for purchase on single Swedish CD (Sweden only) and single English CD plus a limited edition which features a double CD with both language versions. The double CD will also feature a different cover artwork“ The album was produced by Peter Tägtgren, who is also guest vocalist on one track. The press agrees: “Musically and lyrically the most ambitious album by SABATON so far. It's the masterpiece that they were aiming for all these years!” AARDSCHOK (NL) | Robert Haagsma “Everything about this album is big! Big melodies, big production, big keyboards, big songs. Big album!” ROCK HARD (GER) | Frank Albrecht “A masterly effort in overwhelmingly cinematic grandness, with massive choirs and a general feeling of glory. SABATON strikes again!” ROCK TRIBUNE (B) | Vera Matthijssens “This is undoubtedly SABATON's magnum opus!” INFERNO (FI) | Vilho Rajala “Fast as a shark! Interesting, powerful, with the best SABATON songs ever!” METAL HAMMER (PL) | Rafal Monastyrski “The Majesty of the old Sweden Empire has finally a soundtrack: SABATON 'Carolus Rex'!“ METAL HAMMER (IT) – Andrea Vignati "More grandiose than ever before - and catchier, crazier and bigger-sounding!" SOUNDI (FI) | Timo Isoaho Get your copy in the Nuclear Blast Shop: The Itunes (album incl. booklet) you get here: