Swedish progressive melodic death metal heroes SCAR SYMMETRY have uploaded another short album teaser for their upcoming masterpiece „The Unseen Empire“. Other than all previous SCAR SYMMETRY efforts the album concept deals with conspiracy theories, illuminati, the new world order. „The Unseen Empire“ also marks the second album to feature 'new' singers Lars Palmqvist & Roberth Karlsson! The official track by track video, including short snippets of EVERY song of the new album, can be watched at the location below! „The Unseen Empire“ will be released on Friday, April 15, 2011! Check out the first singles „Illuminoid Dream Sequence“ and „Extinction Mantra“ at the bands facebook page www.facebook.com/scarsymmetry – make sure to hit the like button while you're at it! Feel free to spread & publish the stunning artwork of the slipcase (b/w) and the actual booklet cover (full colour)!