Swedish progressive melodic death metal legends SCAR SYMMETRY just posted a brand new song by the name of „Illuminoid Dream Sequence“ to their official Facebook profile www.facebook.com/scarsymmetry! Commented drummer Henrik Ohlsson: „"Illuminoid Dream Sequence" displays an encounter with the unseen and insane ethereal forces that guide the members of the Illuminati. These forces use humans as portals into our world and all they want is to dominate and control everything at any cost. The music for the song is very special since it goes from pretty progressive yet mellow parts into pure insanity and then back again!“ SCAR SYMMETRYs brand new album „The Unseen Empire“ (which marks the bands second album with „new“ singers Robban Karlsson & Lars Palmqvist) will be out April 15, 2011 via Nuclear Blast!