Legendary SEPULTURA will be headlining THRASHFEST 2011 together with EXODUS! The band from Brasil are one of the most influental and important bands in metal history, with „Arise“ and especially the incredible and mindblowing „Chaos A.D.“ they were trailblazers and sold millions of records. After almost 30 (!) years SEPULTURA are still one of the strongholds in metal music and how strong they still really are they´ve just proven with their new album „Kairos“ which was released in June this year via Nuclear Blast. On the THRASHFEST CLASSICS Tour 2011 SEPULTURA will only perform songs from „Beneath the Remains“, „Arise“ and „Chaos A.D“ – a true highlight for every metal fan out there! Be a part of the THRASHFEST CLASSICS tour! Second headliner will be EXODUS and the line-up is completed by more killer bands such as HEATHEN, DESTRUCTION and an opening band which will be announced soon. SEPULTURA – Headliner – performing “Beneath the Remains”, “Arise” & “Chaos A.D.” EXODUS – headliner - performing “Bonded By Blood“, “Pleasure Of The Flesh“ & “Fabulous Disaster“ DESTRUCTION – performing “Sentence Of Death” & “Infernal Overkill” HEATHEN – performing “Breaking The Silence” & “Victims Of Deception” + 1 Opening Act Let the bludgeon begin! This thrash-spectacular is definitely unique! It’s time for “thrash til’ death!” THRASHFEST CLASSICS presented by: Noizeletter, Rock Hard D, Rock Hard IT, Legacy D, Musix D, X-Tra-X, powermetal.de, metalnews.de Tourdates: 25.11.11 - DE Munich Backstage 26.11.11 - NL Leeuwarden Schaaf 27.11.11 - Fr Paris Bataclan 28.11.11 - DE Braunschweig Meier Music Hall 29.11.11 - DE Würzburg Posthalle 30.11.11 - DE Saarbrücken Garage 01.12.11 - CZ Prag Kd Vltavska 02.12.11 - DE Oberhausen Turbinenhalle 03.12.11 - DE Giessen Hessenhallen 04.12.11 - BE Antwerpen Trix 05.12.11 - DE Hamburg Markthalle 06.12.11 - SE Göteburg Trädgarn 07.12.11 - DK Aarhus Voxhall 08.12.11 - DE Berlin C-Club 09.12.11 - PL Katowice Mega Club 10.12.11 - DE Leipzig Hellraiser 11.12.11 - AT Bratislava Majestic 12.12.11 - HR Zagreb Boogaloo 13.12.11 - SI Ljubljana Kino Siska 14.12.11 - IT Bologna Estragon 15.12.11 - CH Pratteln Z-7 16.12.11 - NL Eindhoven Effenaar 17.12.11 - DE Stuttgart LKA 18.12.11 - AT Wien Arena Tickets and info: WWW.THRASHFEST.EU WWW.ROCKTHENATION.EU