In this week's 'SepulQuarta', SEPULTURA welcomes Rob Cavestany from Bay Area Thrashers DEATH ANGEL for a live Q&A! But the guitarist doesn't only join for some talking but will also play a quarantine version of 'Apes Of God' with the band from SEPULTURA's album "Roorback" (2003). Andreas Kisser comments: "On the next SepulQuarta we will have a great composer, guitar player and friend: Rob Cavestany from the Grammy nominated artists Death Angel. We will jam the song APES OF GOD from our album Roorback and he will be a part of the Q&A as well! This will be awesome, do not miss it!" Join this Wednesday for ‘SepulQuarta’, which will start at 8PM CET / 11AM PST / 4PM Brazilian time and noon PST on: Order »Quadra« now in various formats here: or in the official SEPULTURA shop: