On this weeks ‘SEPULQUARTA’ session SEPULTURA welcomes the Brazilian female Musicians Fernanda Lira (CRYPTA), Angelica Burns (HATEFULMURDER) and Mayara Puertas (TORTURE SQUAD) for a live Q&A session in their mother language Portuguese and a performance of ‘Hatred Aside’. Eloy Casagrande comments: “We are very happy to have three metal revelations with us for a Sepulquarta episode. They are Fernanda Lira, Mayara Puertas and Angelica Burns. Three women that are making a revolution and breaking paradigms into the metal world. We are very honored to have them here with us to talk about their music and career, also they will be jamming the song “Hatred Aside” from the album “Against” in another historical Live Quarantine performance from the SepulQuarta. Do not miss it! See you all on Wednesday.” Join this Wednesday for ‘SepulQuarta’, which will start at 9 PM CET / noon PST on: https://www.sepultura.com.br/sepulquarta Order »Quadra« now in various formats here: https://nblast.de/Sepultura-Quadra or in the official SEPULTURA shop: http://smarturl.it/sepulturamerch Listen to the band's new releases and other new tracks in the NB New Releases Playlists: http://nblast.de/SpotifyNewReleases / http://nblast.de/AppleMusicNewReleases