Aspiring Czech Heavy Metal combo SEVEN has released the video clip for their song ´No Surrender´ on YouTube, which can be seen HERE! In 2010 SEVEN were comissioned to compose a song for the Czech movie “Kajinek“, an action thriller biopic about Jiri Kajinek, who's considered to be the first Czech hitman in history. After several attempts of evasion from high security prisons, Kajinek has become the most famous prisoner in Czech Republic as well as one of the most guarded criminals in Europe. Controversy following his detention and imprisonment has raised a debate in Czech society about the efficiency of their judiciary system. Inspired by such events, Seven composed and recorded ´No Surrender´, which eventually would become part of the official soundtrack for the film. Its videoclip, featuring scenes from the film, was used intensively during the promotion campaign of “Kajinek“. Just a week after the premiere, “Kajinek“ had become the biggest box office hit in Czech film history. Given the huge success of the film and the increasing popularity of their song, Seven decided to include ´No Surrender´ as a bonus track in their new studio album “Freedom Call“. The music video also appears as a bonus feature on the Czech DVD edition of “Kajinek“. “Freedom Call“ already arises enthusiasm in the music press: “Each and every song is thrilling!“ (Rock It! Magazine) “Seven’s lively Melodic Metal is huge fun!“ (EMP) The album will hit stores on the 2nd of September via Nuclear Blast!