Dyed-in-the-wool Melodic Death metallers SOILWORK who are currently on “Europanic”-tour through Europe, send out a message to their fans and followers: ”Thanks to all of you who came out and supported us on the first leg of the Soilworker's Europanic MMXI! We had insane amounts of fun, probably some of the best shows in SOILWORK history... And that's mainly thanks to YOU, our awesome legion of fans! We're also very thankful to our friend David Andersson who did a fantastic job filling in for Peter! We've decided that David will perform a majority of the upcoming shows with us while Peter completes his recovery. Massive thanks also to our incredible powerhouse crew: Jimmy and Mats, as well as our team at The Agency, Nuclear Blast and everyone else who helped in making these concerts happen. A new show has been added to the list: that's right, we're ready for another round of pure Finnish mayhem at Helsinki's Nosturi on September 9th! But first off, we'll see you at Brutal Assault, Jurassic Rock and Gyar... Cheers y'all!”