Despite the name, SYLOSIS' forthcoming release Dormant Heart is not a peaceful album: It’s about a powerful force unleashing anger against everyday injustice and a sleeping society that lets these things wash over them, which frontman Josh explains further in the second official track by track trailer for the new album. Watch Josh explain how the tracks 'Servitude', 'Indoctrinated', 'Harm', 'Mercy', 'Callous Souls' and 'Quiescent' came about, here: Watch the first track by track trailer featuring 'Where The Wolves Come To Die', 'Victims And Pawns', 'Dormant Heart', 'To Build A Tomb', Overthrown' and 'Leech', here: »Dormant Heart« tracklist: 1. Where The Wolves Come To Die 2. Victims And Pawns 3. Dormant Heart 4. To Build A Tomb 5. Overthrown 6. Leech 7. Servitude 8. Indoctrinated 9. Harm 10. Mercy 11. Callous Souls 12. Quiescent Bonus tracks: 12. Pillars Erode 13. Zero (Smashin’ Pumpkins cover) Bonus DVD The Dormant Heart Sessions - Live in the studio You can pre-order »Dormant Heart« here: More about »Dormant Heart«: The official video for “Leech” can be watched over on Vimeo: Video clip for the song “Mercy”: Album trailer #1: Album trailer #2: Guitar tutorial “Mercy” Guitar tutorial “Leech”