New Jersey-based kings of progressive metal, SYMPHONY X, release their new masterpiece, »Underworld«, today via Nuclear Blast. Order your copy of SYMPHONY X‘ new album »Underworld« directly here:
International journalists agree on »Underworld«‘s grandeur: “SYMPHONY X did one of the best albums of the year, this album is simply perfect, that’s all. And it’s truly addiction!” METAL TEMPLE (GR), Marcos Garcia “SYMPHONY X’ music never sounded more mature than on »Underworld«. Goosebumps are guaranteed!” CLASSIC ROCK (D), Matthias Mineur „This album shows how to celebrate music in a big way. »Underworld« overcomes the genius»„Iconoclast« easily and this means something!“ BREAKOUT (D), Thorsten Dietrich “This is yet another masterpiece showing no weaknesses, whatsoever. This is really an album’s album, where the whole flow and feel of each song really make them fit together and make the album complete. Still I think it’s the band’s most varied album to date.” SCREAM (N), Hans Mikael Ødegaard “Virtuose progressiveness in nine fetching songs! Heaviness and density on one side and emotional purity on the other side of the spectrum.” LORDS OF METAL (NL), Vera