Frankfurt drunkards have just released the first single off their upcoming new record „R.I.B.“ called „Fooled By Your Guts“. The song is available here: iTunes | Google Play | Nuclear Blast MP3 | Amazon MP3 Typical for TANKAD is also the truth story behind the song, like Mastermind Gerre told us: “A man has been suffering from sudden symptoms of drunkenness. For a long time he has been accused of alcoholism, but then his strange and rare disease was discovered by medics. The man suffers from the so-called self-brewery-syndrome. A form of yeast inside his stomach is feeding on sugar and not only produces carbon dioxide, but also alcohol. A true story, calling for Tankard to use for their lyrics! A real thrasher that will be given the second official video of the new album!” The band have posted the second part of a series of track-by-track videos! Let front man Gerre give you further information on the idea behind the songs "Hope Can’t Die" , "No One Hit Wonder" and "Breakfast For Champions": The first part can be seen here: The “R.I.B.” track listing: 01. War Cry 02. Fooled By Your Guts 03. R.I.B. (Rest In Beer) 04. Riders Of The Doom 05. Hope Can’t Die 06. No One Hit Wonder 07. Breakfast for Champions 08. Enemy Of Order 09. Clockwise To Deadline 10. The Party Ain’t Over ‘Til We Say So Taking inspiration from the motto “never change a winning team”, the guys did the recording again with producer Michael Mainx (BÖHSE ONKELZ, DER W, D-A-D, DISBELIEF), who also produced the last two albums. Check out the R.I.B. studio trailer: Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV Don’t miss TANKARD live: 24.05. USA Baltimore - Maryland Death Fest 07.06. CRO Zadar - Underwall-Festival 21.06. D Lorely - Metalfest 28.06. FIN Helsinki - Tuska- Festival 10.07. AUS Brisbane - The Crowbar 11.07. AUS Sydney - The Hi-Fi 12.07. AUS Melbourne - The Hi-Fi 26.07. D Essen - NORD Open Air 05.09. D Katzenbach - Metallergrillen 13.09. FR Mennecy - Metal-Fest 20.09. D Hamburg - Hamburg Metal Dayz 17.10. D Weinheim - Cafe Central 18.10. D Schrecksbach - Bullblast 14.11. D Berlin - Bi Nuu 15.11. D Köln - Underground 29.11. ROM Bukarest - Dismember Metal Fest 13.12. GR Thessaloniki - Eightball Club 14.12. GR Athens - Club Kyttaro The new album will be titled “R.I.B.” and i