NUCLEAR BLAST is proud to announce that the new album of legendary thrash metal band TANKARD “R.I.B.” entered the official German charts on #41. Congratulation Boys!!! Mastermind Gerre states: “I never thought I’d live to see this day – awesome! Just this once I think I’ll have a beer on this in honor of this occasion!” The new album »R.I.B.« (Rest In Beer) was released June 20 via Nuclear Blast. You can order your copy here: More on »R.I.B.«: Fooled By Your Guts | Making Of R.I.B. Videoclip | Making Of “R.I.B.” Track-By-Track, Pt 1 | Track-By-Track, Pt 2 | Track-By-Track, Pt 3 Album Trailer Studio Trailer, Pt 1 | Studio Trailer, Pt 2 | Studio Trailer, Pt 3 | Studio Trailer, Pt 4