After the phenomenal reactions to TANKARD’s current amazing album »A Girl Called Cerveza« (out since July 2012), Nuclear Blast is now happy to offer you a series of reissue of highlights of the TANKARD discography including extensive bonus material! As of today the 1992 and 1994 records »Stone Cold Sober« and »Two-Faced« are available as vinyl re-releases. Coming up later this fall will be »The Morning After« from 1988 and »The Meaning Of Life« from 1990. Already available are the band’s debut record »Zombie Attack« (1986) and the follow-up »Chemical Invasion« (1987), that have been published on May 03, 2013. Pre-order your copies at the Nuclear Blast web shop: »Stone Cold Sober«: »Two-Faced«: Tracklist »Stone Cold Sober«: Side A 01. Jurisdiction 02. Broken Image 03. Mindwild 04. Ugly Beauty Side B 05. Centerfold 06. Behind The Back 07. Stone Cold Sober 08. Blood, Guts & Rock ‚n‘ Roll Side C 09. Lost And Found (Tantrum Part 2) 10. Sleeping With The Past 11. Freibier 12. Of Strange People Talking Under Arabian Skies 13. Outro Side D Bonus: 14. Don’t Panic (live) 15. 666 Packs (live) 16. Shit Faced (live) 17. Alcohol (live) 18. The Morning After (live) Tracklist »Two-Faced«: Side A 01. Death Penalty 02. R.T.V. 03. Betrayed 04. Nation Over Nation Side B 05. Days Of The Gun 06. Cities In Flames 07. Up From Zero 08. Two-Faced Side C 09. Ich Brauch’ Meinen Suff 10. Cyberworld 11. Mainhattan 12. Jimmy B. Bad Side D (Bonus) 13. Space Beer 14. Zombie Attack (live) 15. Alcohol (live) 16. Chemical Invasion (live) 17. (Empty) Tankard (live)