After the phenomenal reactions to TANKARD’s current amazing album “A Girl Called Cerveza” (out since July 2012), Nuclear Blast is now happy to offer you a series of reissue of highlights of the TANKARD discography including extensive bonus material! The band’s debut record “Zombie Attack” and the follow-up “Chemical Invasion” are out now on vinyl! Order your copies at the Nuclear Blast web shop: Zombie Attack: Chemical Invasion: Zombie Attack Side A: 1. Zombie Attack 2. Acid Death 3. Mercenary 4. Maniac Forces 5. Alcohol 6. (Empty) Tankard Side B: 1. Thrash 'Till Death 2. Chains 3. Poison 4. Screamin' Victims Bonus: 5. Don't Panic (live) 6. Shitfaced (live) Chemical Invasion 1. Intro 2. Total Addiction 3. Tantrum 4. Don't Panic 5. Puke 6. For A Thousand Beers Side B: 1. Checmical Invasion 2. Farewell To A Slut 3. Traitor 4. Alcohol 5. Outro Bonus: 6. Maniac Forces (live) 7. F.U.N. (live) “The Morning After” and “Meaning Of Life” will be re-released on the 21th of June 2013, followed by “Two-Faced” und “Stone Cold Sober” on the 26th of July 2013.