Iconic thrash metal band TANKARD are set to enter Studio “23” in Frankfurt/Germany to start recording this week. Taking inspiration from the motto “never change a winning team”, the guys kick off the recording again with producer Michael Mainx (BÖHSE ONKELZ, DER W, D-A-D, DISBELIEF), who also produced the last album. The new album will be titled “R.I.B.” and is set to be released in summer 2014 via Nuclear Blast. Michael Mainx commented: „Three time’s the charm – I‘m totally looking forward to have my hands on the controllers for TANKARD for the third time in year “2” after the band anniversary! Only a few more days left before we will take off recording “RIB” at Frankfurt Studio. This is gonna be interesting…” Bandleader Gerre added: “We can hardly wait to be nailing down 10 new songs with Micha and are looking forward to a hopefully productive collaboration!” Of course we'll keep you in the loop. Stay tuned!