Electrifying Bristolian rockers TAX THE HEAT recently spent the day at YouTube Space in London to record some live sessions. To celebrate kicking off their UK tour today, the band have released the first live video from that shoot. Watch the new single, 'Cut Your Chains', here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUPtpVQmYg8

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"'Cut Your Chains' is all about being free and living your life. Do what ever the hell you like," explains vocalist Alex Veale. "When we first played it live it got the place jumping, I think there is something just fundamentally fun about the tune and people connect with that. When we spoke about the next single we decided to just do a live music video, no stories, overdubs, scripts or any of that bullshit just us playing this little tune. We were lucky enough to be working at YouTube and it all lined up." Alex Veale says, "When we wrote the »Change Your Position« album we followed our nose and let the music manifest itself in the way it did. Now we've started rehearsing for the tour it's become apparent how good this will feel to play the album live and loud in some fantastic intimate venues. We can't wait, join us!" The band released their sophomore album »Change Your Position« last month. The new offering has that familiar mix of alternative-rock swagger that we have come to love about the band and is laden with big, chunky riffs and foot stompin' anthems. Order »Change Your Position« now, here: http://nuclearblast.com/taxtheheat-cyp