TEXTURES is excited to announce that Joe Tal will replace Jochem Jacobs who left the band earlier this year. Joe had to say this about joining TEXTURES: "I am really superexcited about this, it was a lot of fun doing the audition and jamming with the guys. It feels great to say I'm a part of the group now and I can't wait to actually get started." The band about Joe joining TEXTURES: "It was a big setback for us to see Jochem leave TEXTURES. Jochem was a driving force behind the band from of the beginning and helped the band get to where it is right now. But Joe gives us more than enough reasons to continue our journey with loads of new ideas and riffs. His diversity, personality, musical taste, the background of the band and of course his great technique were the reasons why we chose Joe to become our new guitarist. This makes us want to play shows and write new music even more than we already did!!" IT'S TIME TO ROCK!! Joe will make his live debut on a select number of shows this summer. NEW SHOWS ANNOUNCED Now the announcement is out that Joe Tal is the new guitarist, there are already two shows which are confirmed and there to be announced. The first two shows of 2013 which will be announced are: 31-05: BUMA ROCKS, Doornroosje: Nijmegen, The Netherlands 31-08: Rockstadt Extreme Fest Open Air, Risnov, Brasov, Romania