Helsinki's most famous vampires, THE 69 EYES, recently announced the release of their new 11th studio album, entitled »Universal Monsters«, which will be released on April 22nd via Nuclear Blast. To bridge the gap until the album is unleashed, the band have launched the fifth making of trailer today. Watch as the band’s main song writer Bazie explains his writing process and how the songs “Shallow Graves”, “Blackbird Pie” and “Lady Darkness” were born - singer Jyrki 69 also illustrates his melodies with lyrics and vocals, whilst producer Johnny Lee Michaels comments how to get the best out of his guitar: Vocalist Jyrki commented: "There's about a month for the actual album release, so here's one more chance to hear new samples from the album. And who would be better to deliver them than the main composer himself! Believe it or not kids, this music is still created by guitars played by humans!" NB-exclusive formats of THE 69 EYES' new opus can be pre-ordered here: