Helsinki's most famous vampires, THE 69 EYES, recently proudly announced the release of their new, 11th studio album, called »Universal Monsters«. It will be released on April 22nd via Nuclear Blast. To bridge the gap until the album is unleashed, the band have launched the third making-of trailer today. Watch it here: “I’ve already had a short review of the album from a journalist who said it sounds exactly like it was recorded after our latest album together with producer Johnny Lee Michaels, which was »Paris Kills« (2002). But those years between cannot be heard. We sound as fresh as ever, and the music takes itself and us into undiscovered paths and soundscapes. How the album grew into what it has become has surprised us and you can really hear the creativity blooming there. And still it sounds like nobody else but THE 69 EYES,“ explains Jyrki trying to describe the recording process. “And like always, the best backing vocalists can be found from the closest bars in Helsinki! This time the local latest hard rock heroes, SANTA CRUZ were recruited for the backing vocal sessions.“ NB-exclusive formats of THE 69 EYES' new opus can be pre-ordered here: