Helsinki vampire rockers, THE 69 EYES, are currently putting finishing touches to their new, 10th studio album. "We've never really celebrated anything, not that we've been playing 20 years or so (vampires don't count decades). Thus this time we thought to celebrate a bit: the new album is entitled as tenth in Roman numbers, it'll be called "X"", says lead vampire, Jyrki69. The first single release from album is called "Red" and it's due in August as the album comes out late in September on Nuclear Blast Records.
 The album was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden, produced by "On The Verge" production team. The mixing is done by Stefan Boman (THE HELLACOPTERS, BULLET). "The sound is the most melodic, yet melancholic, we've ever had. Listening to the pre-mixes have been giving goose bumps to everyone here. This is the best 69 EYES album ever done!" the singer states.

 At the same time the band will also launch their own vampire style red wine, simply called as "Red" which will mainly be distributed in Sweden and Finland. While waiting for the album, the Helsinki vampire enthusiastic can go to listen to singer Jyrki's DJ skills as he hosts his Goth'n'Roll club nights in Barcelona's UNDEAD club in July 7th and FANGTASIA II event in New Orleans, USA in July 21st.