Helsinki Vampires THE 69 EYES are ready to unveil their new music video for "Miss Pastis". The song is a rock hymn about French alcohol & women with the simple chorus “Salut, ça va!” and comes off their latest morbid masterpiece »Universal Monsters«. The clip was once again directed and filmed by fronter Jyrki 69 himself and the Finnish quintet decided to release it on "La Fête Nationale", France’s National Day on July 14th. “It’s a great driving rocker of a song which has already made people move in our live set. I got the idea for the lyrics in Marseille, France where pastis is cheap and girls are pretty. I shot the video in the gardens of Palace of Versailles – I wanted to make it look like a crazy, little art film influenced by as much Jacques Tati as Federico Fellini and classic French films,” tells singer Jyrki 69. Watch the video here: But the Vampires have just been awoken and therefore, they have also announced new tour dates for this November - and three special UK shows together with the legendary dark rockers from THE MISSION. Jyrki 69 states with excitement: “I remember first time seeing the ‘Wasteland’ video on Sky Channel. It hit me hard, I even got the issue of SMASH Hits with Wayne on the cover! “God’s Own Medicine” is still one of my favorite albums and without a doubt THE 69 EYES wouldn’t sound like we do without THE MISSION. Can’t wait to get back to play in the UK and for the Eskimos!” Order »Universal Monsters« here: Get the the digital version here: