"The EP is a personal journey and a musical gem, and only a glimpse of what is to come. Leif Edling is, indeed, a Doomfather." METAL WANI, Bruno Medeiros "»Never Machine« is four tracks of classic doom metal, as only The Doomfather could craft." METAL RULES, Aaron Yurkiewicz "»Never Machine« is a return to the roots of metal. It is nostalgic and respectful to the past of doom and heavy metal, without sounding like a gimmick." DARKVIEW, Eva Lantsoght The spirits of the catacombs have risen and today, THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM release their haunting debut EP »Never Machine«! The new project from CANDLEMASS' and AVATARIUM's virtuoso Leif Edling is ready to herald a new era of doom metal and these four tracks are only the beginning, since the first longplayer is waiting on the horizon for March 2017. Order the different vinyl formats of the mezmerising »Never Machine« in our Nuclear Blast shop: http://nblast.de/TDKNeverMachineNB