Masters of the catacombs, THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM, release their mesmerizing new EP »Never Machine« on November 25th, but CANDLEMASS' virtuoso Leif Edling can already reveals more details about the four new songs. In this first track-by-track feature, he invites you into the darkest corners of doom metal: "'Never Machine' is the first track on the EP," Leif explains. "It is also the very first song that I wrote for THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM. It starts with a riff à la BLACK SABBATH and takes off into doomier territories with the haunting chorus and the extra heavy outro! I must also mention Marcus Jidell's blitzering solo. First Lips from ANVIL was supposed to come down to the Ghostward studio in Stockholm and do his thing with it, but it should have been too tight for him time-wise because of the ANVIL show in Stockholm the same day. So Marcus did it instead and I totally love it! 'The Sceptre' is the second track on the EP. I've said many things about this song already, so I thought I should mention a couple of things that you don't already know. This is the demo version of it, right?! On the album version, 'The Sceptre' is a bit re-arranged. There's a couple of more harmony guitars added on it as well. We also have some people guesting: In the mid "classical" solo part, we included a mellotron that is played by one of this country's best mello-players, who's name I will disclose later on... Same thing with the long end solo. One of my all time heroes and musical influences was kind enough to put his guitar and stamp on here to make this song very special! Lovely solo, lovely bloke!" Order the different vinyl formats in our Nuclear Blast shop: