“Leif Edling is back, and as always he delivers pure gold. This man is a National Treasure of Sweden, and should be hailed for all eternity!” SCREAM (NO), Håkon Grav "Memorable, profound and surprisingly powerful - with THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM, the Doomfather continues to expand his own empire!" METAL HAMMER (D), Katrin Riedl "Being doomy without being slow only, being melancholic without losing fervency, that's done to a turn on this new Leif Edling collective properly!" ROCK TRIBUNE (BE), Vera Matthijssens The doomsday has come! CANDLEMASS virtuoso Leif Edling is back with a new gem and unleashes his new selftitled album of THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM today! This sound right from the catacombs combines gloomy doom metal with a touch of NWOBHM and shows once again a new side of Leif, who has always been known as one of the greatest songwriters in his genre. The press welcomed him back with open arms and »The Doomsday Kingdom« won the following soundchecks in some of Europe's leading metal magazines: ROCK HARD (D): #1 (album of the month) SCREAM (NO): #1 (album of the month) AARDSCHOK (NL): #2 Get the CDs and vinyls of »The Doomsday Kingdom« here: http://nblast.de/TDKDoomsdayKingdomNB Order »The Doomsday Kingdom« now digitally or stream the album: http://nblast.de/TDKDownloads