Masters of the catacombs, THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM, release their mesmerizing debut EP »Never Machine« and invite you to be part of a new doom metal era! The vinyl will be released on November 25th, but CANDLEMASS' virtuoso Leif Edling can already reveals more details about the four new songs. In this second first track-by-track feature, he speaks about 'Zodiac City' and 'The Whispering' and once again leads you into the darkest corners: "'Zodiac City' is my interpretation of "The Zodiac" and what he did in and outside of San Francisco in 1969," mastermind Leif explains. "I really like this song and alot of people have asked me why it won't be on the album. The simple answer is that I can't have all the EP songs on the album. There is plenty of great stuff on the full length and I can't feature the entire EP there. But it's a cool song, and Niklas does a great job on it. Especially the last chorus sends shivers down the spine!" "'The Whispering' is a soft ballad, and one of my favourites", he adds. "Wonderful keys by Dr Carl who creates an epic atmosphere on this track. In the future I can definitely see myself re-do the "Whispering" with a full orchestra or do it live in a basement bar somewhere just with an acoustic guitar..." At Roadburn in April 2017, the band will play their first ever performance with the recovered Leif Edling live on stage! Don't miss this gloomy happening. Order the different vinyl formats in our Nuclear Blast shop: