Icelandic classic rock trio THE VINTAGE CARAVAN have released the third video trailer for the band’s highly anticipated new album, Arrival. Watch the trailer for Arrival here: Excited about the upcoming release, the band stated: "We are so excited for the release of the upcoming album. It is a bit different from our previous album - it's a bit darker, a bit heavier, a bit more melodic but definitely all in a good way. It's definitely a step forward. We are incredibly happy with how natural the recording process was and how well all of the songs turned out. Get ready for Arrival!” The sophomore album was produced by Axel "Flexi" Árnason, who also worked with THE VINTAGE CARAVAN on the 2014 critically acclaimed album Voyage. Arrival was recorded in an isolated fjord where they converted an old ballroom into their studio. Arrival is scheduled to drop in North America on June 2. Pre-order your copy here: Óskar Logi Ágústsson, singer and guitarist for Iceland’s classic rock trio THE VINTAGE CARAVAN, played a key role in the new Icelandic dramatic film, Metalhead. The movie has drawn a lot of attention not only from the rock and metal community but also from mainstream audiences. Directed by Iceland’s famed Ragnar Bragason, Ágústsson plays the older brother of the main character that dies a gruesome death, leading his sister to adopt the his musical lifestyle. Metalhead is out now playing in the U.S. and is available on-demand. Watch the trailer here: Learn more about Óskar’s participation in Metalhead on the Nuclear Blast Youtube channel: Watch all the video trailers for Arrival, the official lyric video for “Babylon” as well as “Expand Your Mind” and “Meditation” on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel: Like - Follow - Watch -