Canadian heavy metal outfit, Threat Signal, has posted a music video for “Uncensored” on YouTube: The track comes from Threat Signal’s October 2011 self-titled release (Nuclear Blast Records). “The video for ‘Uncensored’ captures my lyrical inspiration for the song almost exactly,” said vocalist, Jon Howard. “People walk around every single day with their eyes closed; they are censored from reality. Most people truly believe, or have just convinced themselves, that the world is a great place, but in all honestly, most of it is not. Hate, greed, corruption, disease, war, lies, pollution, slavery, violence, crime, famine and many other issues plague our race. People need to wake up, look at real facts, and gather their own conclusions instead of believing hearsay or the media at face value. Most news is filtered and watered down. The director, Tommy Jones, saw my vision and ran with the ideas; he couldn’t have done a better job! Also you’ll see I ran into a major inspiration of mine in the street while filming. Enjoy.” “Uncensored” can also be seen on Nuclear Blast’s VEVO channel: where it is featured on the site’s “Metal Monday Playlist.” Head to: for more information on where you can purchase Threat Signal in a multitude of formats.