After the phenomenal reactions to THRESHOLD’s new amazing progressive metal masterpiece “March Of Progress” (out since the 24th of August), Nuclear Blast is now happy to offer you the “Definitive Editions” – a series of reissue of the entire THRESHOLD discography (except for the band’s 2007 Nuclear Blast debut “Dead Reckoning”), including extensive bonus material! Guitarist and founding member Karl Groom states: “It is exciting to see Nuclear Blast releasing the Definitive Editions of each album now. This is where it all began and where THRESHOLD set its style!” The “Definitive Editions” of “Extinct Instinct” (1997) and “Clone” (1998) are OUT NOW! Order your copies at the Nuclear Blast web shop: or digitally via iTunes: EXTINCT INSTINCT 01. Exposed 02. Somatography 03. Eat The Unicorn 04. Forever 05. Virtual Isolation 06. The Whispering 07. Lake Of Despond 08. Clear 09. Life Flow 10. Part Of The Chaos 11. Segue bonus tracks: 12. Mansion 13. Virtual Isolation (Radio Version) 14. Smile At The Moon CLONE 01. Freaks 02. Angels 03. The Latent Gene 04. Lovelorn 05. Change 06. Life’s Too Good 07. Goodbye Mother Earth 08. Voyager II 09. Sunrise On Mars bonus tracks: 10. Freaks (Live In Paris) 11. Change (Live In Paris) 12. The Latent Gene (Uncut Version) The “Definitive Editions” of “Wounded Land” (1993) and “Psychedelicatessen” (1994) are already out since the 7th of September. “Hypothetical” (2001), “Critical Mass” (2002) and “Subsurface” (2004) will follow on the 16th of November 2012.