Australia’s incendiary extreme musical export, THY ART IS MURDER, has released their third studio album »Holy War« today! Rising from the unhallowed wastes of Western Sydney, THY ART IS MURDER have successfully cleaved a trail of blood & mayhem since their inception in 2006. With the acclaimed Infinite Death EP (2008), their debut album The Adversary (2010) and the second album Hate (2012) firmly establishing their name in the global metal music scene, the band has traversed highways, autobahns & motorways all across the world. The press is thrilled: "Louder, angrier and filled with riffs heavy enough to blow your colon inside out." Metal Hammer (UK) “A crowning moment for a band who have been diligently exploring heavy music’s extremes for nearly nine years now” Total Guitar Magazine (UK) "‘In your face, like a charging rhinoceros’... It’s an organic, but still totally brutal sound – a new marker for a genre devoted to the ‘vorsprung durch technik’ approach to tone.” Total Guitar Magazine (UK) Order »Holy War« from the following location: or digital here. Produced and mixed by Will Putney (SUICIDE SILENCE, EXHUMED, THE ACACIA STRAIN), »Holy War« is the band’s second release for Nuclear Blast Entertainment.