Italian symphonic metal band TURILLI / LIONE RHAPSODY featuring original RHAPSODY members Luca Turilli and Fabio Lione have entered the Domination Studio in Fiorentino, San Marino to record their debut album. Watch their message from the studio on the band’s YouTube channel: Luca Turilli comments: ”The moment to enter the studio has finally come. For this new band we want a specific modern-day sound that Fabio and I always dreamed to have. The search for a great studio was quite easy and we ended up choosing the DOMINATION STUDIO of Simone Mularoni in San Marino. Simone and his well-known studio are synonymous with top-quality, he is an amazing engineer and has that “workaholic” attitude we all share together and love so much. Time to start and no need to say we are excited like children. We will keep you updated!” Recently the band launched an Indiegogo campaign to support the recording costs of the upcoming album. The band reached their goal of 40.000 EUR within 10 days and have committed that all further profits from the campaign will be invested in the album and the upcoming album cycles. The crowdfunding campaign is here: TURILLI / LIONE RHAPSODY will release their debut album this summer. TURILLI / LIONE RHAPSODY Live: 06. Jul E Rock festival BCN - Barcelona (SP) 09. Jul HU Rockmaraton - Dunaújváros (HU)