Swedish adventure metallers TWILIGHT FORCE are once again on the lookout for a magical quest and today, the band announces their European tour as support to British speed masters DRAGONFORCE. The journey will kick off in Eindhoven on October 18th and find a glorious ending in Oslo! "It fills our hearts with joy and valiance to proclaim this massively forceful and arcane union between TWILIGHT FORCE and our revered brethren in DRAGONFORCE. Together, we will travel far and wide, over mountains and valleys, across lush meadows and mist-ridden moors, to bestow you with eternal memories of glory and magic. Join us on the battlefield, and celebrate this grand coalition of forces!", proclaims Blackwald. So sharpen thy sword and make sure to not miss this perfect tour-de-force of heroic power metal on one of the following dates: Order »Heroes Of Mighty Magic« now: http://nblast.de/TwilightForceHeroes Click here to purchase the digital version: http://nblast.de/TwilightForceDownloads