TWILIGHT FORCE's label debut called »Heroes Of Mighty Magic«, saw the light of day on August 26th via Nuclear Blast. Today, glorious news can be revealed: The band's sophomore record hit the charts in various European countries (#54 in Germany among others; find all entries below!). Congratulations to the Twilight Kingdoms! Lynd commented: "»Heroes Of Mighty Magic« has made its way to the bazaars of the world. Sold by many a merchant, among livestock, magic potions and other goods; the album has proven itself to be a popular item indeed. So popular that it has been inscribed in the weekly sonic tablets of the merchants!" #17 - Sweden (Rock) #20 - UK (Rock) #41 - UK (Indie) #44 - Switzerland #54 - Germany Additionally, the fourth part of their lore series has been launched today. Learn more about bass player Born: Missed the previous parts? Chrileon: Lynd: Aerendir: Watch the brand-new 'Powerwind' video here: Order »Heroes Of Mighty Magic« now: Click here to purchase the digital version: Listen to the track-by-track commentary version of »Heroes Of Mighty Magic« over on Spotify!