Legendary Swedish Viking Death Metal outfit UNLEASHED have just finished the recording of the follow up to their critically acclaimed »Odalheim« album. The title of the album is still a secret but be prepared for another classic record! The forthcoming release was recorded by producer and guitar player Fredrik Folkare in his own Chrome Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. Frontman Johnny Hedlund states: “Warriors!!! Unleashed are now done mastering and we now have the finished recording in our hands. Fredrik has once again done a tremendous job in the studio and I would say this is our best produced album to date. We are very much looking forward to the release date and to play some of the songs live.” With their blend of melody and brutality, UNLEASHED are credited as the founders of the Viking Death Metal movement from their inception back in 1989. Twenty six years later and their riffs are still pure shrapnel and their choruses just as epic - melting uncompromising brutality with anthemic odes to Odin. UNLEASHED’s latest record »Odalheim« was released in April 2012 via Nuclear Blast and can be ordered here:
Check out the latest lyric videos: “Odalheim” | “Rise Of The Maya Warriors” The new album will be released in spring 2015 via Nuclear Blast.