Warriors!!! Hear the sound of the battle cry! With their new album Dawn Of The Nine, legendary Swedish trailblazers UNLEASHED have forged a modern death metal weapon from the blood and spirit of their Viking ancestors. The band is offering fans a taste of their forthcoming masterpiece in the form of part three of their track-by-track trailer. Check out UNLEASHED’s part three of Dawn Of The Nine track-by-track trailer here: http://goo.gl/zQvQpc UNLEASHED bassist and vocalist Johnny commented further on the idea behind these songs on the new album: Where Is Your God Now?: “The Battalions of the World now embark on a quest to hunt down White Christ and to challenge him personally. Needless to say, he must face the atrocities he is responsible for. But just like any other coward, it seems that he has fled to higher ground. The Hammer Battalions are ready, waiting eagerly...... Where is your god now?” The Bolt Thrower: “The Midgard Warriors and their elite forces (the Hammer Battalions) are being led by the new avenger of Odalheim. Just like his father before him, he is known by many names. His warriors call him The Bolt Thrower.” Let The Hammer Fly: “As the battle rages and Christ is nowhere to be found, no mercy is given to the women slayers of White Christ. Vengeance is taken for their deeds in the battle at Uppsala fields. Victorious and courageous, the Midgard Warriors now move their forces further up north.” Where Churches Once Burned: “The Midgard Warriors now march across the northern lands to take back the land of our fathers, village by village, land by land. Churches are burned. And the Hammer of Thor is reinstated.” Dawn Of The Nine, UNLEASHED’s twelfth studio album, was recorded by producer and guitar player Fredrik Folkare in his own Chrome Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. The artwork album was created by Pär Olofsson (IMMORTAL, DEMONAZ, EXODUS). Dawn Of The Nine will be released in North America on May 5th. Pre-order your copy from the Nuclear Blast Webshop: http://smarturl.it/UNLEASHED-DawnNB Below is the track list for Dawn Of The Nine 1. A New Day Will Rise 2. They Came To Die 3. Defenders Of Midgard 4. Where Is Your God Now? 5. The Bolt Thrower 6. Let The Hammer Fly 7. Where Churches Once Burned 8. Land Of The Thousand Lakes 9. Dawn Of The Nine 10. Welcome The Son Of Thor! Catch all of the Dawn Of The Nine track-by-track trailers and the lyric video for “Where is Your God Now?” on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel: http://goo.gl/zQvQpc Visit UNLEASHED online at www.unleashed.se Like - www.facebook.com/UNLEASHED Follow - www.twitter.com/UNLEASHEDSWEDEN Watch - www.youtube.com/user/UNLEASHED