Legendary Swedish Viking/death metal masters UNLEASHED have revealed the track list and artwork of their upcoming album Odalheim. Commented bassist/vocalist Johnny Hedlund on the artwork: “The artwork is made by Sebastian Ramstedt, just like our previous three albums. It shows the new world Odalheim, at the break of dawn at the Birka shores, and just before the attack of White Christ. The concept of the album is taken from the book by the same name.” With Odalheim UNLEASHED not only present the successor of As Yggdrasil Trembles in the year 2012, but also continue telling their post-doomsday story embedded with Norse mythology. After the mighty world tree Yggdrasil had trembled and rung in the end of the world, Fimbul winter followed with three years of darkness and coldness. During which time Mother Nature took back what was rightfully hers. This caused the end of life as we know it, Ragnarök. But the warriors who’ve survived will build a new world out of the old one’s ashes. It is here that the story of Odalheim begins. With Odalheim, the Swedes release their eleventh studio album. Once more, the mighty line up consisting of Johnny Hedlund (bass & vocals), Fredrik (lead guitar), Tomas Olsson (rhythm guitar) and Anders Schultz (drums) has created a multifarious and hymnal album in typical UNLEASHED fashion. Odalheim track list: 01. Fimbulwinter 02. Odalheim 03. White Christ 04. The Hour Of Defeat 05. Gathering The Battalions 06. Vinland 07. Rise Of The Maya Warriors 08. By Celtic And British Shores 09. The Soil Of Our Fathers 10. Germania 11. The Great Battle Of Odalheim Odalheim was recorded at the Chrome Studio in Sweden and produced by UNLEASHED guitarist Fredrik Folkare. The record will be released on April 20 (Europe) and April 24, 2012 (North America) via Nuclear Blast.