Michigan post hardcore powerhouse WE CAME AS ROMANS have premiered the official video for the track 'Never Let Me Go'. The stunning video was shot in a dim, abandoned mansion and can be viewed on YouTube, here: http://youtu.be/w1nHmQBjfEM WE CAME AS ROMANS live 2014 12.-14.06. CH Interlaken - Greenfield Festival 13.-14.06. NL Ysselsteyn - JeraOnAir 20.06. D Scheessel - Hurricane Festival 21.06. F Clisson - Hellfest 22.06. D Neuhausen ob Eck - Southside Festival 26.-28.06. S Norrköping - Bravalla Festival Order »Tracing Back Roots«: CD - http://smarturl.it/WCAR-TBR iTunes - http://smarturl.it/WCAR-TBR-iTunes More on »Tracing Back Roots«: 'Fade Away' official video: http://youtu.be/tCdr6d-GqLI 'Tracing Back Roots' lyric video: http://youtu.be/j1Cn7IN9Hj4 Studio update 1: http://youtu.be/LidZVbNetHY Studio update 2: http://youtu.be/W78rOqHQ_to Studio update 3: http://youtu.be/L4k5Ti0KsOE Studio update 4: http://youtu.be/t23Y16Ojxco