The release date of “Time I” has been brought forward to October 12th 2012 and the band will do two special album release shows in their native Finland. The first show will be at Lutakko in Jyväskylä on October 12th and the second one at Nosturi in Helsinki on October 13th. The support acts will be Thaurorod (Lutakko and Nosturi) and Medicated (Nosturi). The band comments: "We're excited to start the Time World Tour from our home country with two shows in October! These two special album release shows will be our first club gigs in Finland since 2006 and the first time ever Time I songs will be heard live! The show attendees will also be the first ones to have a chance to get a signed copy of the new album. „During the rest of the summer we'll be rehearsing the new material and working on a new enhanced live show as well as doing some promo and preparing bonus material for the album. Right after the Finnish gigs we'll continue on to Heidenfest tour in Central Europe and after that... Well, more shows will be announced soon :) Stay tuned and hope to see you at the gigs!" WINTERSUN have released two album trailers for their upcoming epic melodic metal milestone “Time”: Album trailer part 1: Album trailer part 2: When WINTERSUN released their self-titled album in 2004, they were greeted with sheer euphoria: their rather original and gripping concoction of folklore elements, cold atmosphere and a solid base of sophisticated melodic death metal turned out to be an instant smash hit! Jari Mäenpää and co played several more than successful tours and can claim the title as absolute genre legends to this very day! The new album “Time I” will be released October 12, 2012 via Nuclear Blast and the band will be headlining the HEIDENFEST tour 2012 with Korpiklaani, Varg, Trollfest and Krampus.