Today is the day! After years of waiting, finally the new WINTERSUN album "TIME I" will be released via Nuclear Blast! Over the course of eight years the band have taken both music and visuals to yet another level and while listening to their new effort you´ll be taken on a journey through the doors of time, a journey beyond the stars, beyond the birth of the worlds to an infinite universe. The Music press worldwide is praising the new album and many of the journalists say it`s a masterpiece! Here some quotes: „Stop press! English dictionary just got renovated... From now on, Wintersun equals the words EPIC, INNOVATIVE and COLOSSAL!“ Timo Isoaho/SOUNDI (Fin) „It was worth it! The waiting was rewarded with a weapon forged by Mr. Mäenpää. The epic journey takes us into a world of heroic orchestrations and guitars that recall Townsend: a contemporary space hallucination!“ Paky/METAL MANIACS ITALY “It´s awesome, powerful, extremely well arranged and orchestrated!” Ari Hujanen/ROLAND FINLAND "Wintersun offer the whole metal-world an gigantic album. A masterpiece!" Nadine Ahlig, Orkus (D) 'This is the cinematic symphonic metal event of the year... to be continued...' 'Don't watch a movie, get 'Time I' ' Vera, Rock Tribune (Benelux) "Time I is just like a good fantasy-book -you can't stop to browse in it and you always yearn for immersing yourself in that foreign world!", 5/5 Punkte, Stefan "More epic than a jetpack-equipped army of Samurai!" ALEKSI AHONEN - SUE MAGAZINE “Bombastic, epic, hymnic: TIME I is a ageless blend of Blind Guardian, Nightwish and Ensiferum." Metal Hammer (D), Sebastian Kessler “Jari has created an epic journey that will blow you away. A fantastic masterpiece 8 years in the making!” Håkon Grav, Scream Magazine (N) “Majestic, complex and filled with very nice melodies, this long-awaited second album will take the fans by surprise. There is only one thing that they can expect for sure : 40 minutes of pure epic metal!" Rock Hard (F) "The ambition of this masterpiece is only paralelled by its own majestic and kaleidoscopic beauty. It only gets better in time and seems destined to be the album of 2012." Kristian Kongshøj, 10/10 Points, METALIZED (DK) The limited first edition will include a bonus DVD, watch the official trailer here: The bonus DVD includes: 1. Land Of Snow And Sorrow (Live At Rehearsals, Helsinki) 2. Darkness And Frost & Time (Live At Rehearsals, Helsinki) 3. Sons Of Winter And Stars (Live At Rehearsals, Helsinki) 4. Licks & Tricks Of TIME I With Each Band Member 5. Sons Of Winter And Stars – Project Demonstration (Interview at Jari´s Home Studio) 6. Photo Gallery (Live At Rehearsals, Helsinki) Order the album „TIME I“ here: From today on the band will be headlining the HEIDENFEST tour 2012. Here you can find all info, dates, running orders and more: