This short but significant excerpt of the track “Sons of Winter And Stars” is the battle cry of a band that released their self-titled debut album eight long years ago. WINTERSUN has had to live up to the highest expectations and pressure of time for the eagerly awaited successor ever since. As Wintersun turned out to be a critically-acclaimed masterpiece, the band unintentionally found themselves facing the situation of having to out-do their previous work. It’s 2012 and it´s finally time to unleash WINTERSUN´s second full-length album Time I. Over the course of eight years the band has taken both their music and visuals to yet another level. While listening to their new effort you´ll be taken on a journey through the doors of time, beyond the stars, beyond the birth of the worlds, to an infinite universe. Recently the band went into the studio with photographer Nana Simelius to shoot the new pictures for the upcoming album and now the breathtakingly beautiful front cover of Time I has been unveiled. Artwork was created this time by Cameron Gray (BORN OF OSIRIS, DEAD LETTER CIRCUS). Commented the band: "We searched many options who could actually make the cover for Time I. Cameron´s way of creating art was just something that stood out immediately and we feel it suited best for Jari´s vision as a cover for Time I. We are really happy for the result and hopefully this collaboration continues in the future releases as well!"
Homepage Cameron Gray: Official album teaser: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Check out a behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot here: Click here to see the photo gallery of the photo shoot: The new album Time I will be released October 12 (Europe) and October 23, 2012 (North America) via Nuclear Blast. Time I track listing: 1. When Time Fades Away 2. Sons of Winter and Stars I Rain of Stars II Surrounded by Darkness III Journey Inside a Dream IV Sons of Winter and Stars 3. Land of Snow and Sorrow 4. Darkness and Frost 5. Time