BEAST IN BLACK - Dark connection BLACK VINYL - 2LP

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Dark connection 180g BLACK VINYL
Release Date
Media Format
Heavy/True/Power/Speed Metal

The new album from BEAST IN BLACK "Dark connection" will be released as a black double LP in a gatefold.


More Info:

BEAST IN BLACK, the international battalion of ground breaking melodic metallers, is ready to blow your mind with their third album ominously titled ‚Dark Connection'.


If you're into melodic and atmospheric heavy metal with an insanely catchy twist, this is the album you're looking for. There's no other creature like this walking the earth. None other bears these sharp edged riffs or piercing choruses. Not with these epic sci-fi, fantasy and cyberpunk stories to tell. BEAST IN BLACK is a wholly unique form of heavy metal evolution.



Side A
01. Blade Runner  
02. Bella Donna  
03. Highway To Mars  


Side B
01. Hardcore  
02. One Night In Tokyo  
03. Moonlight Rendezvous  


Side C
01. Revengeance Machine  
02. Dark New World  
03. To The Last Drop Of Blood  


Side D
01. Broken Survivors  
02. My Dystopia  
03. Battle Hymn (MANOWAR Cover)  
04. They Don't Care About Us (MICHAEL JACKSON Cover)