NEEDLESS - The cosmic cauldron - CD

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The cosmic cauldron - CD
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Death Metal
Welcome to the science fiction world of NEEDLESS. On "The Cosmic Cauldron" is the band's second album, the Hungarian death metallers present a ten-track sci-fi concept album with the story of an astronaut who gives an unbearable gift to a being that lies beyond our universe. A relic, a scaffold, a divine being not of this world: the cosmic cauldron. An almost hour-long musical journey in which the young quintet presents its explosive mix of melodic death metal, progressive structures and complex narratives. Featuring the beautiful voice of Martina Horvath of Thy Catafalque on the track "Planet Oblivion" and with otherworldly cover artwork by Mark Cooper (Rings of Saturn, Master, Malevolent Creation), "The Cosmic Cauldron" is 21st century metal on Earth with a view into space. Translated with (free version)
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Release Date Jan 7, 2022