SATOR - Return of the barbie-q-killers - CD

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Return of the barbie-q-killers
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In 1994, Sator released the cover album "Barbie-Q-Killers" where the band made their own versions of "obscure" punk songs! The album quickly became a favorite among the band's fans and the demand for a sequel have followed the band ever since. Now, the wait is over! We proudly present the album "Return of The Barbie-Q-Killers" the long-awaited sequel, which is the band's tribute to bands like Redd, Kross, Devo, Blitzkrieg Bop, 999, The Waves, Pointed Sticks, The Undertones, The Boys, Zero boys, The Last, Unnatural Ax, White Flag, Screamers, The Go-Go's, The Young Lords, Darby Crash Band, The Normals and many more! Saturday Night pogo rules OK!
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Release Date Jul 29, 2022