THERION - Lepaca Kliffoth - ReRelease - CD

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ReRelease Lepaca Kliffoth - CD
Set 1
Play The Wings of the Hydra
Play Melez
Play Arrival of the Darkest Queen
Play The Beauty in Black
Play Riders of Theli
Play Black
Play Darkness Eve
Play Sorrows of the Moon
Play Let the New Day Begin
Play Lepaca Kliffoth
Play Evocation of Vovin
Play Enter the Voids (CD Bonustrack)
Play The Veil of Golden Spheres (CD Bonustrack)
Release Date
Media Format
Death Metal, Symphonic Metal

The re-release of THERION "Lepaca Kliffoth" will be released as a jewelcase CD.


More Info:

Synthesizers, flutes multiple vocalists, and the core of the band are all clear and precise throughout, yet it still carries a very raw and dark, ominous tone to it which trumps the later studio efforts. This may not be quite as symphonic as many Therion fans demand of their material in recent years, but it clearly marks the point where this band transformed from a innovative Death Metal band into the Gods of Gothic Metal. There are very few parallels to something like this, and it belongs in the collection of any fan of quality Occult Metal.



1. The Wings of the Hydra
2. Melez
3. Arrival of the Darkest Queen
4. The Beauty in Black
5. Riders of Theli
6. Black
7. Darkness Eve
8. Sorrows of the Moon
9. Let the New Day Begin
10. Lepaca Kliffoth
11. Evocation of Vovin
12. Enter the Voids (CD Bonustrack)
13. The Veil of Golden Spheres (CD Bonustrack)