TOXIK - Dis morta BLACK VINYL - LP black

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Thrash Metal
This album is TOXIK's strongest album to date! While the band can look back on a long tradition in traditional thrash, this album extends the previous tradition and shows where the journey can go, both musically and subjectively. 10 driving tracks, ranging from breathtakingly breakneck BPMs to odd time signatures and harsh dissonances, perfectly reflect the character of the album, as well as the band's message and mindset. It's a conceptual work, in that the art on the cover parallels the themes in the songs, but it doesn't come with a ponderous, traditional concept album badge. It's clean, focused, and accessible without knowing the concept, which is a much cooler execution. TOXIK feel this album captures both their intensity as a live act and their ability to employ dynamics and nuance not always expected in this genre. It's an ambitious album with very little regard for tradition or even's honest and real!
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Release Date Aug 5, 2022