USBM - A revolution of identity in American Black Metal - Buch

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A revolution of identity in American Black Metal
Black Metal
Lake chronicling the stateside black metal movement via first-hand accounts from genre progenitors to present day protagonists. Includes interviews with: VON, PROFANATICA, ABSU, GRAND BELIAL’S KEY, MASOCHIST, HAVOHEJ, DEMONCY, JUDAS ISCARIOT, BLACK FUNERAL, HEMLOCK, INQUISITION, NOCTUARY, BLACK WITCHERY, KRIEG, LEVIATHAN, WEAKLING, XASTHUR, NACHTMYSTIUM, AZRAEL, VELVET CACOON, NIGHTBRINGER, WOE, USURPER, AGALLOCH, FAUNA, FALL OF RAUROS, TOMBS, KRALLICE, GOATWHORE, NEGATIVE PLANE, UADA, COBALT, PANOPTICON, WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM and many more. Includes hundreds of rare and unseen photos and a special foreword from extreme metal godfather Tom Gabriel Warrior (HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST).