MOONSPELL - From down below-Live 80 Meters Deep BLACK VINYL - 2LP

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From down below-Live 80 Meters Deep BLACK VINYL
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„From Down Below – Live 80 Meters Deep“ by Portuguese dark metal masters MOONSPELL invites you on a memorable adventure worthy of a Guinness Book honorable mention! Recorded live at Grutas de Mira D'Aire - one of Portugal’s seven natural wonders, it showcases the band’s latest, much acclaimed album "Hermitage" at its primal best, live from inside one of the most impressive caves in Europe.

The recording boasts a one of kind sound and visual sensation, with its heavy dose of cinematic flavor, unreal atmosphere and the encircling, resounding nature in its raw form. Tracks such as 'Entitlement', 'Hermitage' and 'Apoptheghmata' perfectly settle in with the album‘s unique environment.

„From Down Below – Live 80 Meters Deep“ is not only an epic live momentum of „Hermitage“ - one of the deepest, heaviest and most sincerely heart-breaking records the band has ever written - but a truly revolutionary experience, as MOONSPELL brought along a select number of fans and a production team (literally), underground. Brilliantly directed by Guilherme Henrique, „From Down Below – Live 80 Meters Deep“ is something you have never, ever seen or heard before.



Side A:
01 The Greater Good (Live 80 Meters Deep)
02 Common Prayers (Live 80 Meters Deep)
03 All or Nothing (Live 80 Meters Deep)
04 Hermitage (Live 80 Meters Deep)

Side B:
05 Entitlement (Live 80 Meters Deep)
06 Solitarian (Live 80 Meters Deep)
07 The Hermit Saints (Live 80 Meters Deep)

Side C:
08 Apophthegmata (Live 80 Meters Deep)
09 Without Rule (Live 80 Meters Deep)
10 The Great Leap Forward (Live 80 Meters Deep)

Side D with Etching


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Release Date 30 sept. 2022