Los Angeles rock band 96 BITTER BEINGS make their return today with the release of their long-awaited sophomore album, Synergy Restored. Available now from Nuclear Blast, the riff-heavy record from revered vocalist/guitarist Deron Miller (ex-CKY) and crew is a non-stop thrill-ride of raucous guitars and magnetic melody that pull listeners further in with each play. 

Commenting on the record's release, Miller says: 

“We’re gnawing off our fingers waiting for this album to finally be released after years of prep! The first 3 singles were so well received, and the 'Vaudeville’s Revenge' video is streaming so much more and faster than any video I’ve been in for over 17 years!  We are lucky to have such an intimate relationship with our incredible fans, and personally I’m overexcited and nervous. Releasing music is the best feeling in the world especially when you’re so proud of it!”

Purchase/Stream Synergy Restored: https://bfan.link/96BB-SynergyRestored
Upon the album's release, the band has also shared its latest single, 'Bloodrock Mania'. Watch the visualizer now at: https://youtu.be/uTUpDRs1FYs

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Miller adds about the song: 

“'Bloodrock Mania' was the song where we all said “ok, this track has taken this album to a whole new level”. What is it about? It’s about what this band and possibly every other up and coming rock and metal hopes and prays for. The mainstream return of bands. Actual groups of people that get together and write and perform music that has an edge. I’d like to see some kind of mainstream resurgence on all the major socials, for all heavier music. What’s out there is not what kids want and they don’t even know it. 'Bloodrock' is anthemic. It’s fun, genre defying and will be a highlight on all future 96BB tours.”

Years in the making, 96 BITTER BEINGS' Synergy Restored is 11 songs of relentless power and vibe. Four-on-the-floor, fuzzy and visceral, proper rock n’ roll made by an actual band, rather than a bunch of over-processed samples and otherwise stale shenanigans. Songs like “Vaudeville’s Revenge,” “90 Car Pile-Up,” and “Wish Me Dead” offer vivid reminders of the truth-telling prowess of guitars, bass, and drums. Miller is on fire, weaponizing the same knack for memorable musical epiphanies behind projects like Foreign Objects, World Under Blood and CKY.