La machine à tuer australienne à six tête AVERSIONS CROWN a sorti son nouvel album »Tyrant« aujourd’hui via Nuclear Blast! Formé en 2010 à Brisbane (Queensland, Australie), là où sont nés PORTAL et THE AMITY AFFLICTION, AVERSIONS CROWN a développé un style à la fois brutal, mécanique, étouffé et atmosphérique à l'aide de trois guitares à 8 cordes. Se produisant sur scène comme un mur de muscles, de guitares et de cheveux, le groupe a fait du chemin à travers l'Australie, l'Europe et le Royaume-Uni aux côtés de groupes tels que THY ART IS MURDER, THE ACACIA STRAIN, OCEANO, ALL SHALL PERISH, CATTLE DECAPITATION, se produisant également durant le Warped Tour. The international press already praises the record, as the following quotes clearly display: „AVERSIONS CROWN place their cards on the table. They fiddle, roll and blast.” LEGACY (D), Arne Kupetz “»Tyrant« will be in favor of all lovers of extreme riffs, brutal breakdowns and uncompromising deep grunts (…) If you’re into bands like JOB FOR A COWBOY or CATTLE DECAPITATION, you will certainly love AVERSIONS CROWN and »Tyrant«.” METAL HAMMER (D), Katrin Riedl “A very tight and technical affair, that avoids clichés and let’s both brain and fist tickle.” gleichzeitig kribbeln lässt.“ BLAST (D), Nadine Fiebig “»Tyrant« is out of this world, it's like an extra-terrestrial moshpit unleashed on humanity.” WALL OF SOUND (AUS), Prarthana Venunathan “The Australian death metallers deliver bone shattering breakdowns balanced with crisp production.” AMH NETWORK (AUS), Ricky Aarons “»Tyrant« is one hell of an album. It makes you feel incredibly powerful, but it also crushes you as if your existence is insignificant. Aliencore is here to stay and no band on the planet, or universe, can do it better than AVERSIONS CROWN.” THE METAL FORGE (AUS), Rahul Menon “Chris Cougan's guitars slay at the borderline of what is absolutely alien and what an actual human has the ability to play.” – HYSTERIA MAG (AUS), Martine Bailey Pitrun »Tyrant« track listing: 1. Hollow Planet 2. The Glass Sentient 3. Conqueror 4. Vectors 5. Earth Steriliser 6. Avalanche 7. Xenoforms 8. Overseer 9. Controller 10. Faith Collapsing »Tyrant« is the follow-up to the band’s 2011 debut, »Servitude«, and was created in the oppressive heat of Brisbane’s summer with THY ART IS MURDER’s Andy Marsh producing and Mark Lewis (WHITECHAPEL, CARNIFEX) of Audio Hammer mixing. With a thematic fixation on dystopian nightmares and hostile extraterrestrial encounters, the relentless barrage AVERSIONS CROWN churn out across these ten songs will soundtrack either a solid Halo session or the coming invasion. The striking artwork was created by Swedish visionary Pär Olofsson, who has worked with acts like PSYCROPTIC, ABORTED, ABYSMAL DAWN, and THE FACELESS. More on »Tyrant«: ‘Hollow Planet’ Music Video ‘Vectors’ Music Video ‘The Glass Sentient’ Lyric Video