Les superstars multinationales de blues rock BLUES PILLS ont annoncé la sortie prochaine d’un album live limité intitulé » Blues Pills Live « via Nuclear Blast. Un trailer peut-être visionné en ligne:

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L’album a été enregistré lors d’un concert en tête d’affiche lors du Freak Valley Festival l’an dernier, moment fort pour le groupe. Avec la sortie de » BLUES PILLS Live «, le groupe remercie toutes les personnes et ce festival, qui ont rendu cela possible pour l’un des meilleurs groupes de classic/blues rock d’aujoued’hui - BLUES PILLS. "To the lovely freaks, Freak Valley creators, our dear friend Jens Heide. For us this moment and this day was really special. It felt like all the puzzle pieces came together up until one moment, this experience at Freak Valley festival. This was our first ever apperience at Freak Valley and our first ever headline show on an outdoor festival. We've known about Jens and his freaks for a long time. He gave the name to our band and been supporting us since day one, before our demos where public or even recorded, before when there was only a young and naive dream of playing for any crowds or getting record deals, before we even played a single show - before devil man even was written and before the band was fully formed, before when it was just the beginning of an idea. This show is a magical moment for us - this is where the circle connects with its other half. This record will only be released on vinyl and cd - the cover is made by our favorite artist Marijke Koger-Dunhamn. Recorded LIVE at one of Europes coolest and loveable festivals of our time - FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL . Thank you freaks, Freak Valley pioneers and Jens for this experience and for your support. We won't forget, ever. Love - BLUES PILLS" »BLUES PILLS Live« sortira le 20 mars 2015 via Nuclear Blast. D’autre part, la participation de BLUES PILLS à nouveau en tête d’affiche au Freak Valley Festival est confirmée pour juin prochain.